According to the needs of the students and in order to provide a healthy & nurturing environment better learning. The CTES D.El.Ed. College provides multiple facilities and safe infrastructure.  

Existing infrastructural facilities:

S.No. Particulars No. of rooms
1 Multipurpose Hall 1
2 Resource Room 1
3 Computer Room 1
4 Principal Chamber  1
5 Office room 1
6 Staff Room  1
7 Store Room 1
8 Art & Craft Resource Centre 1
9 Ladies Rest Room 1
10 Library Resource Centre 1
11 ICT Resource Centre 1
12 Sports Room 1
13 Science & Mathematics Resource Centre 1
14 Psychology Resource Centre 1
15 Technology Resource Centre 1
16 Class Room -1 1
17 Class Room – 2 1
18 Class Room – 3 1
19 Class Room – 4 1
20 Toilets 2
Total 21

Facilities added during last Quarter 

  • Library Books.

  • Water Purifiers.

  • Coloring of the college Building.

Educational Technology resource centre:

Educational Technology resource centre:

The Resource centre consists of the advanced Education Technology equipments i.e. Computers & CDs, Audio-Visual aids, Over Head Projector, Slide Projector, Television, VCR & LCD etc. The Resource centre also upgraded with addition of subject wise slides. O.H.P. Transferences, Audio-cassettes & Interactive CDs exclusively Teacher Trainees.

Computer Resource centre :

Computer Resource centre

The college has well-equipped computer Resource centre with sufficient number of computer P.Cs well-qualified computer instructor to facilitate computer education to our Teacher Trainees. The Micro-soft windows (98 &2000 version), Ms-PowerPoint, Applications of IT Education & Basic operations of computers, in relation to education will be taught & given training  to our trainees.

Lecture hall :

Lecturer Hall

The college has spacious, well ventilated lecture halls installed with multimedia facilities like LCD Projector & C.C camera. The large, well ventilated method rooms are made available for teaching, workshops and other related activities. 

Science and Mathematics Resource Centre

Science and Maths

The college has its own well-equipped Science Resource centre with separate wings like Chemistry, Physics & Biological Science Resource centers to enable the science teacher trainees to practice experiments & demonstrate experiments pertaining to practice Teaching.

Psychology Resource Centre


The educational psychology is an important discipline of Teacher Training Education. the experiments on Learning curve, Recall-Recognition, Transfer of learning, Memory, Division of  attention, Distraction of  attention etc. are conducted very meaningfully our Resource centre. The Resource centre is facilitated with all appropriate, required materials& machines to conduct the mentioned experiments to train the teacher trainees.

Language Resource Centre

Language Resources Lab

Preparation of Viva- communication skills of English

Preparation of Viva-Communication Skills

The college has its own Language Resource centre with sufficient literature, Cassettes C.Ds & V.C.D. etc., to train the students in their linguistic abilities. This is the unique facility provided to the trainees in our college amongst all the D.Ed. colleges affiliated to D.I.E.T Belagavi.

Art & craft resource centre


The college has separate art, craft and music room. It consists of sewing machine, Craft kit box, etc.

Sports and Physical Education Facilities

Sports and Physical Education Facilities

The college sports and physical Education section as sufficient sports equipments to conduct all kinds Sports/ Games in the college. The indoor, outdoor sports & games will be conducted very efficiently with the guidance of our well-qualified, experienced physical Education director. The college has its own stadium within the campus.